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Que pezon!

Alternative // Dublin, Dublin

Què pezón! blends the addictive rhythms of south american traditions with the Moorish influences of Andalucia in Southern Spain. Creating a tapestry of sound that evokes the mystery of the unknown. The band fuses world music with both funk and rock to create an ecclectic mix.
The Spanish influence in the music is strong as one half of the compositional duo is the Andalusian guitarist, Jose Dominguez. His skill in arranging and interest in advanced rythmic concepts adds to his unique sound.
He is joined by the dynamic young vocalist, Pia Dunne, who's interest lies in the musical aspect of song form and improvisation.Coming from a jazz backround, she improvises both melodically and rythmically. Her approach to melodies and words are echoed by the emotional strength found in her voice.
Throughout the years there have been members and influences from all over the world including Brazil, Ghana, Peru, France, Angola, Mauritius, Poland and Cuba.
Què pezón! is a world music project and have performed in many different guises; from a two piece acoustic group, to a full electric extravaganza with percussionists, dancers and singers.