Banbridge, County Down

Sit back and let ¿Que-Pasa? blow you away with a mix of childish jokes, incorrect spellings, and a mediocre-at-best understanding of musical theory.
Billed as everything from, “The best Swez band in the multiverse,” to, “not bad for a bunch of specky, f***ing teenagers,” ¿Que-Pasa? formed out of two guys with an odd affinity for Elton John and Chicken Supremes.

Upon realising that an electric guitar, a bass, and a tambourine on a stick does not constitute a ‘band’, ¿Que-Pasa? began its search for a drummer - then promptly fired him in place of an older, more attractive, English neo-percussionist known to most as Keelan Brown. Headlining prestigious events like “Craigavon’s Got Talent” may have proven too much for some, but not ¿Que-Pasa?. Oh no, their desire for a bigger, better, brassier sound remained unquenched after being rejected by Andrew Cox - “What makes you think I want to be in a band who pronounces ‘¿Que-Pasa?’ wrong?” - the guys got another guitarist off the street.

Two months down the line, and with the purchasing of a Spanish Dictionary, Coxy jumped on the bandwagon - becoming the first member of the fledgling band who fully understood the meaning of the words andante and cazzo. It was only a matter of time before the 12 month old child prodigy, Zacc McGloughlin joined the ranks, followed by the most useless band member - the ukulele player.

After several months of gigging, ¿Que-Pasa? settled on a new sound and line-up, saying farewell to their beloved bass player and promoting the other musician who played an instrument with four strings to the prestigious position.

As a full band, ¿Que-Pasa? entertains countless empty pubs and children’s birthday parties. Rock on.

“The jokes may start to wear thin after a while.” - Rigsy, Across the Line, BBC Radio Ulster

“Spelt with one of those back to front question marks.” - Rigsy, Across the Line, BBC Radio Ulster

“Yous are only f***ing specky teenagers, but you were f***ing brilliant.” - Intoxicated Lurgan Man

"Tbh I still listen to them on Spotify" - Tara Griffin

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