County Dublin

PureGrand is a synthpop project fronted by 22 year old visual artist and musician, Luke Faulkner.

Using the template of recognisable dance and pop genres as well as a heavy influence of 1980s dance-pop, Faulkner merges big melodies and hooks to construct songs about the 21st century queer male experience while embracing and deconstructing the idea of the pop package.

PureGrand started out in 2012 as the moniker for Faulkner's photographic and visual artwork but since 2016 has expanded into a pop project.

PureGrand's debut EP "Synthetic Roots" was released in 2016 and his latest musical effort ''Swallow Your Doubt EP'' was released last July to positive reviews by publications Hot Press and GCN and was followed by the video to lead single Pink which made Nialler9's Ten Irish Videos to Watch This Week and received critically positive reviews

Faulkner writes, records and produces all of his music as well as directing, shooting and editing his music videos.

PureGrand's music is available on all major streaming services, Soundcloud, iTunes and YouTube.

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