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Proper Micro NV

Electronica // Limerick

Proper Micro NV is the alias of Limerick singer, songwriter and electronic music producer Rory Hall.

Hall's releases have been hailed by Nialler9, CLASH Magazine, Dan Hegarty of RTÉ 2fm, The Irish Times, Hotpress, The Last Mixed Tape and Roisin Murphy amongst others.

Since the projects creation, Hall has performed at various venues and festivals throughout Ireland and the UK including Electric Picnic (2018, 2019), Body&Soul (2017, 2019), Latitude (2019), Castlepalooza (2018), Whelan's, Dolan's, Roisin Dubh, The Workmans, Hard Working Class Heroes & more - with Proper showcasing his electronic, dance driven - theatrical and costume based show that had gained him attention.

Following on from the positively received debut LP 'Dormant Boy' released in 2018 which received praise from various media outlets and many end of year list placings, Hall will soon announce details of a brand new album (released by Strange Brew & distributed by Republic Of Music).


Nomination for Best Dance/Electronic - Hot Press Awards 2019

Thin Air 19 for 19

State Face of 2018

Hard Working Class Heroes 2017 Alumni

Whelan's One To Watch 2018 & 2019

Press Quotes:

Hotpress - "A gorgeous blast of electropop"
Dave Hanratty - "Theatrical Noisewave"
The Thin Air - "Hall’s deft production values and vocals are equal parts distinctive and, at their best, show-stopping - "Rory Hall’s Proper Micro NV creates electronica that’s blisteringly sharp, beautifully layered, but also poignant and soulful. A rare combination from a relatively young contender" - "A gifted force"
Roisin Murphy - "His voice is gorgeous"
REMY - "Colours is easily one of the best Irish EP's to be released this year, in any genre."
Pause Musicale France - "Proper Micro NV is a raw talent to follow closely and love intensely"

Press Quotes On Debut Album:

Nialler9 - "The record shows talent in spades from the alternative electronic artist. Often coupling pop song structures with electro inspired sound palettes and a splash of moody introspection lyrically, Dormant Boy is surprisingly fully formed for a debut release"

The Last Mixed Tape - "Sitting on a strong bedrock of electronic beats, the pops and clicks that populate Dormant Boy’s sonic backdrop perfectly wrap themselves around the floating vocals on tracks like ‘Eyes’ and ‘Always’"

8Radio - "Excellent"

Dan Hegarty - "“It's inventive, captivating, & it has that little extra ingredient that helps it stand out from everything else”

Limerick Post - ‘Dormant Boy’ is a lavish and joyous electronic production.

REMY - "Regardless of whether you are a horrendous music snob, a happy go merry casual music listener, or that elusive Goldilocks in between, if you can't connect somewhere with this album, you may be dead inside."

Halls brand of experimental electronic music has seen him being compared to James Blake and Mount Kimbie, whilst also receiving recognition from Irish electronic songstress and former Moloko front-woman Roisin Murphy; who called his voice "Gorgeous" via social media.

His debut EP titled 'EP1' was released in June 2016 to positive reviews. The Irish Times said that Proper Micro NV's vocal was "One of the most interesting new voices on the Irish scene in some time". They complimented the EP by saying that "it was a great showcase for Proper Micro NV's distinctive, soulful, bittersweet vocals and off-kilter electronica. On the 1st of July 2016, Hall was announced by RTÉ 2fm as one of 30 acts shortlisted by an expert judging panel to perform at Electric Picnic.

On the 7th of December, Hall released his second EP 'It's always raining' via Plasmapool records. The first single 'Flaws' was released on the 3rd of November. In early 2017, music platform Spotify selected Flaws for their official Fresh Finds playlist, causing a large increase in listenership and popularity.

On the 22nd of March 2017 Proper played Futureproof - the first of a series of gigs run by both Nialler9 & Homebeat.

Six months on from the release of 'Its Always Raining' - Proper Micro NV returned with a brand new track 'All About Me', taken from his new six track EP 'Colours', which offers a blend of electro-pop, ambient and slow burning dance music.

In June 2017, Proper played the Wonderlust Stage at Body&Soul festival".

TLM gave Colours positive reviews;

"‘Colours’ has become one of the most highly-anticipated releases of 2017. Through one of the most popular and complex genres in modern culture, Hall sets out to explore the depths of human emotion. ‘Colours’’ sullen beats and often haunting vocals serve as a fitting canvas for this new endeavour throughout the album. Tracks like ‘Handwriting’ showcase Hall’s musical versatility as he blends the traditional piano with distorted vocals and a running backing track of waterfalls. Innovation shines through in the opening track, ‘All About Me’ with its flawless, ambient arrangements. These are just some of the key tracks in the EP. ‘Colours’ offers a unique perspective on the electronic genre for both avid fans and newcomers".

In July 2017 the lead single from the Colours EP 'Do What You Do' was played by both RTÉ 2fm, 98fm and iRadio.

On the 10th of July 2017, chose the song 'Do What You Do' as song of the day.

Music website REMY called Colours easily one of the best Irish EP's to be released this year, in any genre whilst giving the collection a positive review.

"With an alarming immediacy, the opening track of his latest EP Colours, 'Do What You Do' stops you in your tracks. The droning synths bellow a thick cloud of black smoke everywhere, leaving you deprived of all senses bar your ears, the beat is incredibly simple but highly hypnotic, and Hall's vocals are more of an incantation than anything else, it's a powerful piece"

"Even despite how well that magic worked, the second track is decidedly different yet has no less of an impact. 'All About Me' is equally as mesmeric as its predecessor, it's a rare thing to find an electronic act so fully in control of how they manage the transference of their sound to the listener, you almost feel that Proper Micro NV isn't creating music for our enjoyment, but to control us, and we will happily submit"

"Final track 'Commotion' opens with a slight 80's OST vibe, and while many have remarked positively on his vocals before, I do feel it's necessary to commend them here once more, they are such an integral part of how the whole EP behaves and works so well. Colours is electronic composition at its absolute finest, it reminds me of a much much better version of London's Ghost Culture matched with the natural talent of Cork's Bantum, and it's easily one of the best Irish EP's to be released this year, in any genre."

On the 29th of September 2017, Hall played The Grand Social as part of Hard Working Class Heroes Festival. No Encore presenter Dave Hanratty praised the performance, whilst being the first to dub Hall as "theatrical Noisewave".

In early November 2017, dubbed Hall as "a gifted force" whilst praising his song Oblivious.

Colours was recently nominated for the long list of the RTÉ Choice Music Prize 2017.

On the 24th of November 2017, Hall supported British band 'Pumarosa' at the Workmans Club in Dublin. named Hall as one of the "State Faces of 2018" in January 2018.

In early 2018, Hall was announced as one of 50 acts to play Whelan's Ones To Watch Festival 2018. On the 18th of January, he played upstairs to a close to capacity crowd. Multiple shows at the Roisin Dubh in Galway followed.

Proper recently announced on social media that he's on the bill for Castlepalooza Festival 2018.

On June 29th, 2018 - he released a new single and video through Strange Brew records - to positive reviews.

Nialler9 - "‘Dot Dot Dot’ sounds like a natural progression from Proper Micro NV’s earlier material; the song is refined and mature with subtle soundscapes and airy arps yet it retains the essence of his earlier music in the warped vocoder and drum loops. The music video mirrors this, with slow moving, trance-like visuals of city landscapes and graffitied walls."

The Blue Walrus - "A bop for the floor that opens up the beat as it meanders ever onwards."

Pause Musicale France - "It's magnetic. An electro blast with dark underpinnings and melancholy echoes. Proper Micro NV , is at age 23, a raw talent to follow closely and love intensely."

Hall was announced to play a string of festivals over the summer of 2018, including Castlepalooza & Electric Picnic.

On the 16th of November 2018, Proper released his debut album Dormant Boy to positive reviews. The Last Mixed Tape praised lead single 'Eyes' calling it "an obscured electronic backdrop filled with pops and clicks melds into a vocal that searches and reaches beyond" whilst Nialler9 complimented 'Call Me What You Want' as "tight and sleek, as is always the case with Hall’s material".

RTÉ 2fm presenter Dan Hegarty praised the album saying that the record is “inventive, captivating, & it has that little extra ingredient that helps it stand out from everything else” whilst REMY applauded the album saying that "Dormant Boy for me strikes the best balance between indulgence and admiration, regardless of whether you are a horrendous music snob, a happy go merry casual music listener, or that elusive Goldilocks in between, if you can't connect somewhere with this album, you may be dead inside".

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