Post Punk Podge & The Technohippies

Limerick, County Limerick

Post Punk Podge is a figment of punk and An Post's imagination a singer/rapper/musician from Limerick. His goal is to turn the symbol of the brown envelope from a symbol of corruption, deception and greed into a symbol of self expression, defiance and laughter. Accompanied by his sidekick DR. Asparagus Montague their live show consists of Podge on Violin through a load of pedals and main vocals and Asparagus on guitar, backing Vocals and Laptop. There sound is hybrid of many different genres including Punk, Krautrock, Irish Trad,Techno, Hip Hop and Classical. They released their debut EP entitled Kick Against the Pricks on November 24th and Podge released the Stark Raving EP with the hiphop beatmaking legend Naive Ted in October 2017. His energetic live shows are an attack on the senses. Lyrically he writes about social issues such as Depression, Anxiety and what it is like to live in Ireland today.

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