Podge Lane

County Cork

Introducing the former Boy Who Almost Went And Lost It All, Podge Lane.
Based in Cork City, Lane is known to bends genre to his enigmatic whim, blending
folk and alt stylings with his own dry wit. Delving into a seemingly endless
fountain of musical inspiration, Lane finds influence from the likes of Johnny Cash
to Father John Misty; The Beach Boys to Bleachers; Weezer to Wilco. Lane injects
his honest lyricism with a unique production style express his own expanse as a

Arriving onto the Cork musician scene in 2017, this DIY attitude lent Lane to
independently record and release his debut folk-indie singles; 'The Dark', ‘Move
on’ and 'Family Tree', to great critical acclaim. Spotted by Echoing STEM as the
2017 newcomer to “keep your eyes and ears on”, Lane continued to release his
Debut EP ‘People Leave In Colour’ on the 4th of April 2018. Released under his
own label PCLM Lane Records to a great reception, it was the catalyst for his Irish Post Indie Artist Of The Year Nomination.

Honing his craft, Lane set off on his solo tour in July 2018, supporting his
second EP ‘The Big Break’. Delving into the realms of his new Lo-Fi concept
album, Lane began playing and producing 100% of his work. Following on from
his successful solo tour, with dates opening for English indie artists Rozi Plain and
Kiran Leonard, Podge recorded his third EP ‘Falling Backwards Into Nothing’. EP’s
first single ‘The Boy Who Almost Went and Lost It All’ went on to heavy gain
attention online. Exploring his much more ambitious sound influenced by
Psychedelic music and Hip Hop, Lane founded a new record label, The Podge
Lane owned ‘Thanks Alex Records’.

In between opening for British anti-folk band CryWank, 2020 saw the release of a
further experimental Podge Lane, releasing; the Hip Hop inspired 'Crash And
Burn', the rocking 'Fall', the sentimental pop influenced ‘'How Can I', Lane
reminds us to continue to challenge genre boundaries and to 'Get With It'! Enticing
audiences this year with springing two live albums into the mix, Making It Up As I
Go Along Part 1 and Part 2, Lane’s highly anticipated concept album is due to be
released under his exciting music venture ‘Teip Records.’

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