Podge Lane

County Cork

Podge Lane is a singer-songwriter and pun enthusiast based in Cork City. A self-classified 'music nerd' he began to write his own music at 17. Taking inspiration from artists like Johnny Cash and The Beach Boys to Weezer and The White Stripes, Podge writes songs incorporating his own personal experiences with an injection of droll humour in his lyrics.

In 2017, he began recording his debut releases with the attitude of a DIY enthusiast
, producing and playing the majority of the instruments himself. He independently released 3 singles ‘The Dark’, ‘Move on’ and ‘Family Tree’ in 2017 on Spotify, iTunes etc,which earned him many downloads/regular listeners on platforms such as Spotify and Bandcamp. He released his Debut EP ‘People Leave In Colour’ on the 6th of April under his own label PCLM Lane Records, to critical acclaim. This was the catalyst that saw Podge Lane nominated for Irish Post's Indie Artist of the Year 2018 .

July 2018 saw the release and subsequent tour of his second EP 'The Big Break', a Lo-Fi concept album played and produced independently by Podge. After a successful solo tour and a support tour for English indie artists Rozi Plain and Kiran Leonard, Podge recorded and released his third EP ‘Falling Backwards Into Nothing’ in 2019 along with a string of stand alone singles and a live studio EP. The EP’s first single ‘The Boy Who Almost Went and Lost It All’ went on to gain traction online.

In March 2020 Podge Lane started a new venture, Teip Records.... More coming soon.

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