Podge Lane

County Cork

Podge Lane is an Alt-Folk Singer Songwriter based in Cork City. He began
playing music at the age of 17, after trying and failing at every sport
imaginable. He immediately fell in love with Playing Guitar and Singing. His
influences range in genres from the likes of Johnny Cash and The Beach
Boys to Weezer And The White Stripes. Classifying himself as a ‘Music
nerd’ He began writing his own music soon after taking inspiration from
these artists, but using his own personal experiences and drole humour in
his lyrics. He played his first ever live show at 19 opening for The Alkove in
Cyprus Avenue and has since played numerous solo shows, ranging from
playing the Bru Bar and Cyprus avenue to opening for Cry Before Dawn at
the Rose Of Tralee Festival (The later for which he was awarded
newcomer of the year by Echoing Stem*).

Recently graduating from CSN Music, Management and Sound, he began
recording his debut EP using a DIY attitude producing and playing the
majority of instruments himself. He released Three singles ‘The Dark’,
‘Move on’ and ‘Family Tree’ in 2017 which he brought out independently on
Spotify Itunes etc., to high success. His Debut EP ‘People Leave In Colour’
came out on the 6 th of April, released under his own label PCLM Lane
Records to a great reception, and was the catalyst for his Irish Post Indie
Artist Of The Year Nomination. He begins a solo tour this July in support of
his second EP ‘The Big Break’.

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