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Pleasure Beach

Pop // Belfast, Antrim

Pleasure Beach met whilst working in the estimable coffee shops of Belfast. All solo musicians and songwriters in their own right, Lisa, Rachel, Kat, Alan and Richard bonded over a shared penchant for sophisticated espresso, along with other much less pretentious intoxicants, and decided to pool their musical resources in January 2015. Working on songs that Alan had written whilst exiled in rural County Down during an extensive social and spiritual dry spell, the band began to explore the lush and slightly psychedelic aesthetic that quickly manifested into their first studio recordings. Part bruised break-up song, part existential post-apocalyptic horror story, the debut Pleasure Beach single 'Go' takes its cues from pounding stadium americana, hypnotic krautrock and blurry-eyed Scandinavian pop, and is the first track to be released from their forthcoming EP on May 25th.

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