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Art Pop // Belfast, Antrim // she/her

Pinsleep is a solo, art-pop act by an acclaimed, Belfast-based violinist, singer and producer Aga Olek.
Through the use of layered violin, guitar effects, voice and electronics Pinsleep creates soundscapes inspired by the sci fi literature and the inner cosmos. Bringing together her experience across different genres, Pinsleep is crossing the boundaries between pieces, songs and improvisation.

Pinsleep also explores the relation between humans and machines, thinking of the computer as a creative band member and using generative music making as part of her creative process. She uses the violin, with all its cultural implications and brings it into the future through presenting in an art- pop context, to spark a bigger discussion about the future of creative expression.

Forget everything you thought was true about the violin- and take a step into the Unknown with your astronavigator, Pinsleep

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