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Phoenix and Wolfe

Soul // Ennis, Clare

"A sensual mixture of Irish soul and Brazilian heart. So beautiful and exotic. I was hooked from the minute I heard them." - Dora Gola

About the Artist

Irish and Brazilian duo Amanda Shannon and Cairo Rocha perform and write songs in the healing frequency of 432hz which is precursor to what this duo are all about. Composing songs that speak to vulnerability, power, destiny and desire they provoke emotion and thought. They also believe in writing in different languages to invoke the variety of feeling as well as experimenting with certain aspects. 'I grew up listening to groove music with my dad being a drummer and I really wanted to discover how it felt to place Irish lyrics over a soulful groove harmony'- Amanda says of their song 'Éistigí'.


Amanda and Cairo spent a good deal of time privately experimenting and developing their sound before debuting some of their music with the Bualadh Busk series of 2021 supported by the Clare County Council and Clare Arts Office. This was a series of outdoor music events during the pandemic. Amanda took time to work with mentors SAL and Dora Gola and continues to work with Dora. They also went on to record the first single 'We'll get used to it' which was released in April 2022. The single was produced by Enda Gallery and was a touching reverie, dealing with the grief and imposter syndrome that Amanda faced after the loss of her husband in 2017 to Oesophageal Cancer. The song features the vocals of Enda Gallery as well as Cairo and is a reminder that we can heal together in community. The duo are set to feature in the first Féile Housing festival this year at Áras na nGael March 11th.

The Show

They crafted a show that reeled in their audiences. Their set opens with haunting Irish vocals of 'Éistigí' before it melts into a groove harmony a song all about maintaining our links with our ancestors all played out in the dialogue between a mother who has passed and who communes with her child on the beach across the waves.. lyrics like 'Éist liom a leanabh is tú ag siúl an trá..' reiterating the message. We are gifted with Cairo also singing in Irish, a native of Brazil Cairo says ' Its not just about creating songs for us, we want to celebrate the culture, the langauge and we want to wrap the messages in our songs in the language and culture of our people. We need to cultivate something worthwhile for generations to come.' The show continues on with songs such as cages, a soulful rock song, and a nod to Cairo's recording days back in Brazil, This song is all about avoiding distractions and making room for a life of intention and happiness. 'Doing what your told' is a stunning chord melody and poetic lyric married together, a latin jazz winner, followed by 'We'll get used to it', a song in the style of Brazilian Popular Music. They serve up a sexy blues banger influenced by Nina Simone with 'You think I'm some kind of Saint', this track is all about the fight to leave a dark relationship. 'Kintsugi- Dont' talk on corners- Is a stunning track inpsired by The Breath, this song is really all about self love and not letting anxious thoughts win. To have a conscious loving relationship with your self. The show ended with 'Chuva' a track where we see Amanda return the favour and sing in Portuguese accompanied by Cairo. The audience are encouraged to join in enthuasastically singing the outro 'chuva, chuva, chuva..' Chuva means rain and it s all about forgiving passed errors and staying in the light and allowing tears to flow if needs be as with rain comes the rainbow!


"Amanda and Cairo are two of the sweetest people and artists I've ever come across in all my time producing music. Vulnerable, kind-hearted and brave I'm glad they are making art and putting it into the world. We need more pure hearted music in this world and I am looking forward to all they have to give us" - Enda Gallery

"Phoenix and Wolfe are a mesmerising duo. With luscious and beautiful vocal tones, alongside gorgeous fingerstyle guitar. Melodies full of open hearted emotion. You can feel their connection from the very first note" SAL

'Phoenix and Wolfe ooze creative flair and confidence on ‘We’ll Get Used To It’ a track which draws you in with its haunting verses and uplifts with its reassuring group choruses, a stellar release and one that sets the pace for the duo’s future.'- RGM Press

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