Permanent Déjà Vu

Dundalk, County Louth

With a lyrical depth and melodic appeal rooted in classic song writing sensibilities,
Permanent Déjà Vuʼs deft and unhinged musical chops push their songs in a
thoroughly modern, explosively engaging and emotionally affecting direction.
The bandʼs aptly titled debut ʻCinematic Loveʼ was released in the summer of 2011. called it a ʻbrilliant albumʼ and ʻan amazingly experimental and
inventive debutʼ. Hot Press praised its vast cinematic arrangements and classic song
writing credentials going so far as to pick one of the tracks for the final of an
international song writing competition headed by music website Emeraz.

The bandʼs second album ʻPalace in Flamesʼ was released on December 14th 2012.
The new album brings the bandʼs light/dark aesthetic to new heights combining
intimate, evocative torch songs with unadorned rockers of stirring passion.
Permanent Déjà Vu is an equally rousing and successful live act that is not to be

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