People Club

County Dublin

People Club was formed in Berlin in early 2018. The five members from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States responded to each other’s ads searching for musicians on the Internet.

Early conversations saw Sarah Martin, Ray Sonder, Pete Costello, Drew Deal, and Saxon Gable bond over a shared appreciation of motown and soul. Discussions of the activism and melodic sensibilities so deeply entrenched in the heritage of soul music are a major inspiration for the band.

Delving beyond their immediate influences, the band have also fostered a kinship with Motown studio techniques. Drummer Drew Deal describes People Club’s process as an organic meeting of like-minded humans working together. “We lay down tracks in a way that captures the feeling of an experience happening at that moment, a prevalent element throughout Motown’s canon. We’re trying to achieve this sense of immediacy on our songs by recording everything live.”

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