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Rock // Berlin, Antrim

Peculiaroso is a self-taught singer/multi-instrumentalist grown up into a yoga background. He begins to play piano and guitar during his childhood listening to Indian music and Ragas and the exotic and cosmic Ry Cooder’s guitar sound. Later he starts playing sax after he discovers the transcendental sounds of Fela Kuti, Albert Ayler, Pharoah Sanders, Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry and Alice Coltrane. His self-released debut album is Manimal, a real low-fi album of definitive raw music entirely recorded and mixed in a bedroom with an old four tracks tape recorder in Berlin. Manimal is a powerful drawing of a low-fi manifesto. Peculiaroso worked also with other artists such as Hugo Race(ex Bad Seeds) & True Spirit on the album “53rd state” and on tour, Arthur Ahbez, Marta Collica on her album “about anything” produced by John Parish. In December 2017 Peculiaroso releases the art-rock album “one night stand” and in April 2019 the new single "Bad Thoughts" get released by Exquisite Noise Records.

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