Pecking Party

Dublin, County Dublin

Pecking Party's music is influenced by an extensive range of singers, bands and composers.
It is almost impossible to pin down exactly what one might call our style or genre as our music is somewhat of a mixing pot of all the various elements of music that we individually take inspiration from.
Our music blends elements of Trip-Hop, Electronica, Heavy Rock and Drum and Bass with soft yet robust vocals that could be compared to those of Beth Gibbons over energetic riffs and rhythms, dynamic synths and dark bass-lines.

We have been kicking around the Dublin scene for quite a while now.
Recent highlights have seen us play WeBloom at the Workman's Club and the LĂșnasa Festival in Bellurgan, County Louth.

Made up of members John Gilbride, Fiachra Kennedy, Ciara Ryan, Fiachra Dunn;
we have been hard at work self–recording our debut EP for the last couple of years now;
which we released with great success on the 30th of June 2017 at our self coordinated launch in the Bello Bar.

We've existed as our current line-up since 2013, been fiddling with computers since '11

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