Paul Fitzpatrick - music

County Meath

"Fitzpatrick's vocals can be both soothing and intensely soulful"

"Definitely worth a listen"

"Fitzpatrick really showcases a high level of songwriting and music theory"

- Pure M

Armed only with an acoustic guitar and a loop pedal, Paul brings to life any venue as if a full band where onstage.
Vocals that can range from a soothing whisper to top of his lungs at a moments notice, guitar playing honed from years spent in rock and metal bands, and the ability to integrate that influence into acoustic solo performances , and one other very important factor, percussion, via the wooden body of his guitar, are the foundation of Paul Fitzpatricks build his sound on to help set himself apart in dublins solo artist scene.

Paul's debut ep "Days Like These" recorded and released during the summer 2014.
A collection of songs wrote during his metal band days, these songs were recorded purely as an introduction to Pauls new solo venture, while working on establishing a new sound for himself.

Less than a year on, Paul has released his second EP "Someplace New".
Self produced, recorded and mixed at his home studio, the overall production was intended to be more raw and honest in order to reflect his live performances.

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