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Paul Fitzpatrick

Acoustic // Waterford, Waterford

Born in Waterford , Paul Fitzpatrick is a self-taught solo acoustic guitar player and singer-songwriter.

His style of playing is percussive; that is, playing the guitar while rhymically striking its body to create a 'drum beat' effect. Paul has been writing and performing his music around the south-east of Ireland for the past ten years, while also plying his trade in bands of many different genres. The live scene is where Paul’s music thrives, and engaging with audiences is by far the most rewarding aspect of live shows.

After spending several years in Cork living, working and playing (including at notable venues such as Cyprus Avenue), Paul released his debut EP 'Fueled by Caffeine' in December 2010. This was followed by several gigs in Cork and Waterford to promote the release.

Fast-forward to 2015 and Paul has just released his second EP, ‘Two Sides’. Now based in Waterford and gigging consistently, Paul hopes to support the release of the EP with gigs further afield in Ireland, as well as putting the finishing touches to recording his third EP, as well as writing his debut album.