Paul Clancy

Wexford, County Wexford

Paul has been playing music from a very early age, learning first songs on the guitar at the age of 6.
He went through many years of learning classical guitar which is when he made his first live solo performances. At the same time he was involved in playing baritone, trombone and percussion at different stages for The Loch Garman Band, and became proficient at reading and writing music through this period.

From the age of 13, Paul began playing drums and guitar in many local rock bands and recorded a demo for the first time. Gaining a lot of experience through these years, he was writing and performing his own solo songs by the age of 18.

A college move from Wexford to Dublin allowed him to perform in front of many new faces and from here on he began teaching himself various other instruments, picking up bits and pieces of recording equipment and software and through trial and error began producing his own music.

Paul is an artist who is constantly looking for new ideas in writing and producing music, and try to incorporate all areas of the spectrum into his songs.

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