Derry/Donegal, County Derry

Paper/Boy a four-piece indie rock band formed in Derry in 2017.

While having started as a two-piece originally, guitarist/lyricist Joshua McNutt and drummer Lochláinn Kelly were keen to upgrade the loud anthemic sound they already had going for them. Taking part in a local music camp during the holidays, the duo were introduced to many talented musicians just like them, but the ones who would catch their eye would be bassist Canavan and guitarist Caoilfhinn McFadden. They not only shared the common connection of all being from Donegal, but also shared the interest in playing together as a band.

Inspired by the modern guitar-driven indie rock/punk songs of Car Seat Headrest and Green Day, and implementing uses of witty, metaphorical and personal lyrics ala Damien Rice and Paul Noonan, it was clear that songwriter Joshua’s original demos were not meant to be heard acoustically, but rather in a fully electric band set-up. With all the members’ talents for creating music put into use, the band managed to transform these pieces into emotionally-powered indie-punk anthems, helping Paper/Boy garner a loyal fanbase after both support and headline gigs in Derry, Letterkenny and Belfast, only growing every time after each gig.

With their first year of forming having shown to be amazing, there’s no doubt that 2018 will be more exciting for the up and coming band, with a debut single out in February and plenty of more gigs planned locally and nationwide, you can definitely expect big things to come from Paper/Boy.


“Paper/Boy are keen newcomers to the Derry scene and they are excited about the future. They describe themselves as a 'mediocre indie rock' band but when you see them play live it is clear that they are not mediocre.... Their music has a edge, but for a relatively new band, there's a maturity also.“
- Betsy Bailie

“Provided they continue to channel their inner-punks in the polite, articulate manner they have so far, anything could happen to Paper/Boy.”
- Taylor Johnson, Encore NI

"Their first release ‘Guerilla Therapy’ is a broody affair, centred by driving guitar and naturally lyrics tainted with a dark edge."
- Robert Brown, Chordblossom

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