Pale Lanterns

Belfast, County Antrim

Pale Lanterns were founded in 2017 by singer-songwriter Darragh Donnelly. Winners of the Chordblossom Kickstart Prize of 2018 and already a long list of positive reviews from the Thin Air and others.

Singer/songwriter Darragh Donnelly spent his teenage exploring his inner world, using songwriting as a way to document and make sense of it. Spending along time as a bedroom artist there gathered a long list of songs that inevitability ended up floating around in cyberspace but he had carved a path that would lead to the development of the craft.

Nowadays his songwriting style has turned outward and into the form of the Electro Acoustic band "Pale Lanterns" with songs featuring multiple layers of both musical structure and poetic meaning. The metaphorical style creates a sense of artistry where subject matter may be precise but the meaning can be interpreted in different ways.

The band features 6 members, each with their own unique talents and and on stage charisma, live shows are quoted to be mesmerising. Featuring instruments from acoustic guitar, deep melodic piano, slick bass and rhythmic drums.

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