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Over The Hill Music Collective

Acoustic // Belfast, Antrim

Over The Hill Music Collective (OTH) has reclaimed a negative cliché and turned it around. It was set up by Paul Kane in 2012. Its is about providing a platform and a voice for older musicians, people who want to use their musical passion who have some music experience and who want to write about that and share their work.

The Music industry is difficult to break into at any time – for mature musicians it can be almost impossible. OTH breaks down barriers for mature musicians to get their music heard. 55 people are signed up to OTH, 35 meet once per month, 11 people have recorded the Album Velvet Revolution, Produced by Barrett Lahey

What we do

The currency we use is knowledge. The focus of OTH is about providing a space where musicians can come together and learn about the music industry through both peer to peer and mentoring support. This is in a safe and encouraging environment where there is an emphasis on the social aspect of music as much as writing and playing. The sessions offer advice on a range of topics such as publishing, copyright, PRS, songwriting as well as marketing and securing further training. In OTH People can be their own change.

We offer people the opportunity to play in places and venues they otherwise would not have access to; to date we have been part of Holywood Culture Night, Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, East Belfast Arts Festival, Belfast Music Week, and Belfast Culture night.
We will be releasing the Album ‘Velvet Revolution’ in HMV Belfast on the 21st June at 1pm, featuring 11 Older Musicians.