County Dublin

Outsider is songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and punk poet working out of Dublin city on the East coast of Ireland. His styles blend from cinematic punk, neo punk psychedelia, life affirming art rock, to acoustic ballads and stadium new wave. Outsiders lyrics are a mixture of English and Gaeilge that come from his Irish heritage. His first Ep 'Young Gods of Na Sionna is set for release in Summer 2017.

Outsider: "Míol Mór Mara' means sea whales, the literal translation from Irish to English is 'giant beasts of the sea'. The song is about a kid with down syndrome I worked with. Had a huge influence on my life. The kid pulled me out of a dark place really just by spending time with him. It's got a lot of biblical references to Jonah and the whale which is symbolic of diving into the sea of the unknown and becoming something far greater than yourself in a spiritual sense".

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