One Man Town

Carndonagh (Inishowen) , County Donegal

Hailing from Derry/Donegal, Ireland, ‘One Man Town’ has steadily been building excitement from 2016 shows and a 2017 Irish Tour playing shows at some of Ireland/Northern Ireland’s most well know venues for up & coming artists such as WHELANS - Dublin, MONROE’S - Galway, McHugh's- Belfast and many more.

With an increasing fan base, the hype has been building for the 2016 self-titled debut E.P Alongside this, the official music video for ‘Cutthroat Desire,’ the first single from the record, was a big hit online and has become a fan favorite anthem at their live shows.

In 2017 the band released their newest/Current single ‘The Longest Truth.’ which was Debuted on BBC ‘Electric Mainline’ with Stephen McCauley.
The official music video for the single was released 10th of August, directed by Sean Mullan of ‘DUNNOFILMS’.
For 2018 'One Man Town' have finished work on record number two, planning shows for Ireland and afar ready to take for this year in a big way.


Aine Cronin-McCartney (Journalist):
‘’One Man Town’ allows the audience to hear impassioned melodic vocals alongside a very authentic kind of blues\Modern guitar, effectually showcases the band’s aptitude to invoke a melancholy atmosphere without resorting to unnecessary layering and over the top production. ‘’
Aine Cronin-McCartney

Derry Live List: ‘’A fantastic debut release, the track’s use every ounce of Maree’s powerful voice which is complemented by strong catchy riffs resulting in a beautiful big mash of Blues, Rock and Folk. Type of Band you know would grab the audience by the mojitos when performing live. Since releasing their debut self-titled E.P in August, the local band has built a reputation for their high-energy performances. Their creative take on the first single and music video ‘Cutthroat Desire’ has seen the video hit over 12,000 views on YouTube since its release in September. With another record in the works and tours of Ireland and the UK this year, this band are set to take 2017 by storm. ‘’ - Gary Aiken

Gigging NI :
The Longest Truth, single by Derry/Donegal One Man Town is down and dirty blues rock with a hint of 70’s metal.Those first few guitar licks open the door for that voice to blast into the room. Metallic notes zing throughout while percussion does its bit to rattle your bones.Not quite a ballad, nor a lament, but rather a deep, dark contemplation executed through lyric and vocal delivery.This track is haunting, almost eerie, yet altogether corporeal.Give it a listen. Let it rattle around in your head for a bit. Then crank it up and do it again. - Noelle Ellis

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