Of X & Y

Sandyford, County Dublin

Of X & Y is the solo project by multi-instrumentalist Evan Kennedy from Dublin. Influenced by the spontaneity and dynamics of live music, the debut album Half Nothing features many mood changing points, from the rock single Half Nothing to the Liquid Drum and Bass tune Missile, and the melodic single Broken. To classify the album Half Nothing into a genre is therefore difficult, but generally it can be considered to lean towards Electronic Rock.

Evan studies classical guitar and music theory in DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama, and comes from a musical background, particularly in live music. Because of this the sound of the album is influenced by music heard at home as well as from concerts. His influences are from genres as diverse such as Jazz, Trip Hop, Metal, Rap, Progressive Rock, Funk, Drum and Bass, Post Rock, Dubstep, RnB and Folk. Along with Of X & Y, Evan is also a producer and has worked with artists such as Hip Hop duo Underdogg Squad and Alastair Daly.

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