October Fires

Leixlip, County Kildare

‘Creeping In’ is the latest single by October Fires taken from their debut EP ‘Everybody Knows’. Recorded with experienced producer and engineer Gavin Glass, ‘Creeping In’ is a delicately personal song and full of emotion. The band have varied the pallet to create a different vibe to the previous singles released, yet comforting to know, it is still very much within the October Fires family.

The single follows on from 'Screaming Red' which receives regular airplay on RTE2XM, Radio Nova, WLRFM, Galway Bay FM, KCLRFM, 8 Radio and Wired FM."

October Fires have been described as 'Radiohead meets Tori Amos.' Yet, even that doesn't do justice to the four-piece Kildare band"
(Hot Press Magazine)

October Fires are a four-piece group consisting of Carol Somers on piano, vocals and percussion, Lisa Baker on piano, vocals and percussion, Eoghan O'Neill on bass and Eric Somers on guitar.

Since the band released their first radio single in June 2018 they've appeared in Hot Press both online and in the magazine’s Autumn edition. They have had a number of rave reviews from Hot Press, Remy, Barry Gruff, Nialler 9 and The Last Mixed Tape to name a few.

They released their debut EP ‘Everybody knows’ at Halloween, 2018 with steady radio play on RTE Radio 1, Radio Nova, 98 FM, Dublin City FM, Galway Bay FM, FM104 and KCLR FM and have been interviewed and performed on RTE's 'The Arena Show' with John Rocks and interviewed by award winning DJ, Roddy Cleere on KCLR FM in mid November.

They played a number of gigs last year, sharing the bill with artists including Gavin Glass, Delush, Ross Breen, Sibéal, The Bonnymen and Ger Cunningham, together with a few sold out solo performances as well. They had the honour to play the National Concert Hall in September as part of a celebratory concert for our emergency and security services and played in venues such as the Workman's Club, the Liquour Rooms, the New Theatre and the Wonderful Barn.

The band’s style is difficult to pin down but they could be classified as 'Indie' but they describe their music as haunting, harmonic, dark pop. They take influences from choral music, classical, pop, soul, funk, folk, rock and fuse them together to create their unique sound.

The band's name was inspired by the smoky scent in the air walking home from practice one autumn night. October has a unique vibe, with its perfect blend of beauty and eeriness, a trademark of the band's sound and their music is continually inspired by this balance.

Carol and Lisa met in 2002 studying music in Maynooth University. They've been inseparable ever since after finding an innate ability to harmonise together, even being able to predict what the other is about to do! This bond has become the central feature of the band.

“Weaving large-scale indie-folk, bold harmonic flourishes and an icy backdrop, October Fires’ individualistic sound comes to the fore on ‘Screaming Red’”.
(The Last Mixed Tape)

“'Pray', is a gothic pop gem that marries slow hypnotic harmonies to a jarring, haunting, yet gorgeous melody”.
(Hot Press Magazine)

“October Fires have found a perfect blend between beauty and otherworldy eeriness”.
(Barry Gruff)

"Kildare based band October Fires channel Lisa Hannigan-esque vocals on their new track ‘Pray’…Altogether, it makes for an eclectic listen".

“The vocals invoke a ritualistic incantation, free-flowing plonking piano progressions and bass add to that nonchalant care-free sense".

"There be sorcery at work here and one listen will have you under their spell”.
(Hot Press online)

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Upcoming Gigs

  20 Jul 2019 13:00 Knockanstockan Independent Music Festival , Blessington Lakes, Wicklow   Knockanstockan Festival    
  25 Jul 2019 21:00 The Harbour Bar, Bray   October Fires @ The Harbour Bar    
  2 Aug 2019 20:00 Willow and Wild, Courthouse Square, Maynooth, Co. Kildare   Acoustic Corner with Ross Breen and October Fires    
  31 Aug 2019 20:00 The National Concert Hall, The Kevin Barry Room , The National Concert Hall - Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2, Ireland   FESSEF Annual Celebratory Concert    
  4 Oct 2019 21:00 The House Presents, Annesley House, 70 North Strand, Fairview, Dublin 3   The House Presents