October Fires

Leixlip, County Kildare

'Everybody Knows'
October Fires debut EP Halloween Release
October Fires entered into the new found home of Orphan Recording Studio this summer, in the beautiful surroundings of Hell Fire Studios, overlooking the flickering Dublin City skyline, to record the band's debut EP entitled ‘Everybody Knows’. This record is a snapshot of the different tones and moods of the band, from the ominous opening track ‘Screaming Red’ to the mellower, intimate ‘Creeping In’, from the tongue-in-cheek grooves of ‘Digging Holes’, to the more tribal, ritualistic Pray II. Recorded, mixed and produced by Gavin Glass, this debut EP is ripe for release this Halloween.
"October Fires have been described as 'Radiohead meets Tori Amos.' Yet, even that doesn't do justice to the four-piece Kildare band”.
(Hot Press Magazine)

“October Fires have found a perfect blend between beauty and otherworldy eeriness”.
(Barry Gruff)

"Kildare based band October Fires channel Lisa Hannigan-esque vocals on their new track ‘Pray’…Altogether, it makes for an eclectic listen".

“The vocals invoke a ritualistic incantation, free-flowing plonking piano progressions and bass add to that nonchalant care-free sense".

"There be sorcery at work here and one listen will have you under their spell”.
(Hot Press online)

Band Bio:
October Fires are a four-piece group consisting of Carol Somers on piano, vocals and percussion, Lisa Baker on piano, vocals and percussion, Eoghan O'Neill on bass and Eric Somers on guitar.
The band's name was inspired by the smoky scent in the air walking home from practice one autumn night. October has a unique vibe, with its perfect blend of beauty and eerieness, a trademark of the band's sound and their music is continually inspired by this balance.
Carol and Lisa met in 2002 studying music in Maynooth University. They've been inseparable ever since after finding an innate ability to harmonise together, even being able to predict what the other is about to do! This bond has become the central feature of the band.
Their style is difficult to pin down but the band describe their music as haunting, harmonic, dark pop. They take influences from choral music, classical, pop, soul, funk, folk, rock and fuse them together to create 'their' sound.

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