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Hip Hop // Dublin

Who's next? NUXSENSE

A seven-piece hip hop collective consisting of Yung Pe$o, Jehnovah, Luthor, AL-I, Prophet Goon, Bogzy and producer sivv, from Dublin City. We've performed in The Grand Social, Hangar, The Sugar Club and more.

We're part of the District Recordings label, an offshoot of District Magazine, a Dublin-based art, music and culture publication. We'll be releasing our debut video on the imprint in the coming months, and next month we'll be performing live on the RTÉ 2FM Cypher Series with the District crew.


We don't really try to focus on specific artists to sound like, we are just trying to be ourselves. I guess we just sound like a mixture of music that we listen to on a daily basis.

Anyone in the group can go from various styles (trap, old school boom bap, Grime, soul, etc) depending on how they are feeling or what they are listening to at the time. We are also influenced by a lot of artists so many that would be hard to list then all, we could honestly be here all day..

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