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Electronica // City Centre, Dublin

"The duo know how to produce deeply-arranged electronica with an emotional heart using crackled samples that eschews the cut and paste formula that comes with modern software methods. Rather like Four Tet, their songs feel like spliced moments of melodies intertwining around each other matched with nuanced beats and percussion. Very live-sounding." - Nialler 9

“There’s something almost alchemical about Nouveaunoise’s ability to meticulously tier different sounds, synthesised, sampled or recorded, and still have “organic” be the first word that jumps to mind. ... if the tracks on their double A-side single are anything to go by, their album is going to be the new standard in what is already a confusingly fertile experimental music scene”. – Karl McDonald.

Many comparisons have been made about Nouveaunoise and their music; from Kelpe, Bibio, Four Tet, and Caribou, to acts such as Hudson Mohawke and Machinedrum.