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Hip Hop // Dublin

Nabil Said, known as NOMS musically was born in Dublin but moved to East London at a young age. With a range of influences due to a mixed ethnic background (Kenyan, Arab & Indian), there's a lot to discover both creatively and beyond.

From Producing and Songwriting to Directing and Video Editing, there's few situations where NOMS' creative juices aren't flowing. While currently exploring a more prominent role in music, he has always enjoyed every step in the process.

It would be difficult to pick a single genre as NOMS has produced and/or rapped on House Music and Afrobeats as well as all disciplines of hip hop.

Living in Dublin has evolved his sound as it is full of amazing creatives from all walks of life. Growing up with traditional Irish music, folk tales and dance, accented with all the international influences in both Dublin and London have bred a strong appreciation for music and art in general.

A word from the artist:

"Got so many influences growing up.
Always working to perfect my craft.
In love with music."

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