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Alternative // Dublin

After a blistering set at Whelan's Ones To Watch in early January, Nerves are set to make 2023 an awfully busy year.
Promising an extensive EP of new material recorded with Dan Fox later this year, the band are ready to bring a concoction of sounds refined over a long and mentally taxing lockdown.
The band play with noise music, gothic tendencies, confessional anguished vocals, techno and industrial rhythms to create a set that is as emotionally intense as it is deafeningly loud.
Having supported some of the best in the current Irish crop (Sprints, Thumper, Pretty Happy, Gurriers) and international acts (HMLTD, Mattiel, Imperial Wax) the group have shown that they can turn heads and demand attention from all walks of life and generally have them sweaty and bewildered by the end of the night.

"A blast of corrosive sound, 'Leigue' pushes out towards the seven minute mark, a Brutalist construction that recalls Shellac in its bass-heavy abstraction." - CLASH magazine.