County Dublin

Nerves are a band from the west of Ireland but based in Dublin writing music with a diverse set of sonic templates ranging from clean shimmering guitar sounds, heavy distorted sections , ethereal soundscapes and more. Branding themselves as post-pop, they combine elements of contemporary and 80's leaning guitar pop and new wave with more abrasive styles of music such as noise rock, post-punk and shoegaze, as well as being influenced by experimental electronic music and hip hop.
Their live shows are intense and fast paced, with very few moments of respite and jump from the funky 80's feel of songs like Pastel to the relentless barrage of noise of post-punk tracks like Slow Drive. Nerves are a band who truly don't care for sticking to one genre yet still manage to create a sound and feel that is uniquely their own...


"A collision of post-punk, noise and indie-pop, Nerves latest offering, ‘Faces’, moves from raucous verse to bone-rattling choruses in the blink of an eye, all the while showcasing the trio’s keen eye for melody in loudness." - The Last Mixed Tape

"Slow Drive has a bruising distorted baseline, Girl Band-esque guitars (not a surprise considering Dan Fox of Girl Band mixed this single) and pummelling drums. It packs a wallop and shows that Nerves need not have any anxiety about their prospects." - Golden Plec

“It’s hard to pinpoint these guys to one genre, their first single ‘Faces’ is a high octane bob that blends sure rock influences with post-pop and punk undercurrents and yet the heavy distorted sections are contrasted by shimmering guitar tones that conjure images of The 1975.” - Nialler9

“'Slow Drive' builds on that promising introduction with a slick AF moody guitar and heavy bass intro. Here Nerves summon the new wave dark-rock sounds of the likes of Depeche Mode, INXS and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. It's a gloriously enjoyable track which seeps out effortless cool from multiple points, peaking with the grating distortion of the riff at 2:58, the two singles to date suggest something big could be in the offing for the band before long. “ - REMY

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