Hip Hop
County Dublin

noGood & Dyramid.

“Sipping Dutch Gold for the taste,
way too much smoke to the face,
NEOMADiC lifestyle,
this is the lifestyle”

Set amongst the boom bap and tape hiss of early 90’s New York and Los Angeles, Irish duo NEOMADiC have come to the fore as part of this new generation of Irish Hip Hop. Their laid back vocal style, abstract word play and sun-kissed, hazy productions have ensured the pair have set themselves apart from their contemporaries in a modern world filled with bombastic grime and mumble rap.

Although relatively new to the Irish Hip Hop landscape, Dyramid and noGood have a couple of highly impressive releases under their belt with an ever-growing fan-base which has resulted in performances at the likes of Other Voices, Life Festival, District Magazine’s Rec Room as well as a forthcoming appearance on Mo K’s Cypher Series on 2FM.

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