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Nassau Royal

Acoustic // Smithfield, Dublin

Growing up I didnt really know what I wanted to do but it was always an ambition of mine to travel the world but also music was a passion of mine from a young age as I found it very therapeutic. I started having guitar lessons when I was 11. After 5 lessons I hated playing (didnt help that my teacher was a wanker!!!) so I gave up, put the guitar in the loft and never wanted to pick it up again. However when I got in to Nirvana 3 years later I picked it up again and decided to teach myself so the rest is history.

November last year I played my 3rd major concert to promote a compilation album called “Sanctuary” this time at the Millennium Forum Theatre, Derry. It includes “Stars Are Made For The Sky” featuring Moya Brennan from Grammy award winning group Clannad. This Album has various artists both established and unestablished with a wide range of genres such as: Folk, Contemporary Popular and Classical, 8 piece Harp Ensemble, Uilleann Pipes, Gregorian Chant, a Soprano Operatic piece, plus many more. In my humble opinion it is an incredible body of work and for me it was an honour and a privilege working with such talented artists.

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