my sweet beloved

Dublin, County Dublin

California native, Danielle Harrison moved from Los Angeles to Dublin Ireland to join Irish band Skindive in the late nineties. Over the course of four years Skindive released an album before calling it quits in 2001.

In the following years she sang and played with The Ruby Taillights and appeared as a guest vocalist with Printer Clips and Lluther. After dabbling with song writing for a couple of years herself, she eventually stopped playing music altogether.

This all changed when she met a guitar player who's eerily beautiful playing style inspired her to give the songs new life. Derek Byrne's (Autumn Owls) guitar added that extra something the songs needed. Combine that with Anton Hegarty's (Future Kings of Spain, Tin Charm, A Lazarus Soul) dark, beautiful bass lines and Mark Colbert's (Sacred Animals) pulsing drums and the songs were alive with a haunting beauty she had only dreamed of before.

my sweet beloved was born

"I've always wanted to make a record. to explore everything I love about music. atmosphere, layers, movement, intensity, depth, big sound, heavy bass, big drums, deep colors, darkness, experimentation and diversity.....not holding myself to all of the rules about song structure and just let the dream take over "

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