County Dublin

Destiny triangulated 3 wandering souls to meet upon a hill outside Dublin, Ireland and the Space-Punk-Rock band MYSTIC TEARS was born. Fuelled by freedom, both physically and spiritually, 2 lifelong friends Bryan Smyth & Tom Dunne were out searching for inpsiraton when the air of Jenny Hallahan, whistled their way. Greetings quickly lead to recognition between Tom & Jenny from the Irish music scene and within 2 days the threesome were blasting their angst out of an inner-city garage.

Disgruntled by the crap that pollutes the airwaves, MYSTIC TEARS make raw & visceral spacepunk-rock music, harkening back to the glory days of Grunge but with a Divine sweetness that elevates the listener into a higher state of being. Songs such as ‘King On The Cross’, ‘Ouachita’ & ‘Mouse Kills Man’, fearlessly emblaze the state of disgust they each share for the corrupt & unjust nature of governments, religion & capitalists - while tracks like ‘Most Wanted’, ‘SHINE’ & ‘Wise One’ beckon us to liberate our souls from the shackles of ego and return to the awareness of our true nature.

MYSTIC TEARS is the manifestation of Tom Dunne’s vision to reawaken the populace through the sonic power of high vibrational and provocative music. Having founded and fronted Irish rock band The Spikes, (Urges & Purges LP 2009, JoyList LP 2013) Tom is no stranger to high-energetic performances that coax the listener into action through the sheer honesty of his song-writing and vocal delivery of his ideals.

Jenny Hallahan has been playing bass for over 13 yrs and having completed 2 degrees in music, BA in Music (Waterford Institute of Technology) & BA in Jazz Performance (Newpark Music Centre), she is the most sought after and badass bass player in Ireland. Her regal Irish beauty and native voice just add to her mystique.

Thundering behind these two is Bryan Smyth. Having started as a singer with indie band The Elements, he quickly realised that his voice just couldn’t raise the volume as much as his rage inside required and so he quit singing and started drumming. A love of beats saw him branch into the electro-dance world and after years of hedonism he is back smashing skins and scaring the shit out of Tom & Jenny.

MYSTIC TEARS rain down on a world under siege by its own volition. Their firepower and wanton wildness reawaken that sleeping rebel inside us all and affirm the revival of real music played by real people in a world so far from reality – its lost its own shadow.

“Dunnes every fibre seems to vibrate with an out-of-kilter shamanistic energy that is hard to define, other than to say it is equal parts Jim and Van Morrison” – Barry Egan, Irish Independent.

"Mystic Tears makes music that is as enigmatic as the project’s name. Their single, “Shine” is haunting and beautiful – a melancholic ballad that makes me think of the quieter moments of artists such as Soundgarden or Nine Inch Nails, just to mention a few." - A&R Factory.

"SHINE is exquisitely assembled and most of all has a palpable heart." - MP3Hugger.

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