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Limerick, County Limerick

“Just be a good human,” a simple mantra to try and live one’s life by. But it’s tougher than it seems, unless you have love around. And MuRi has love. Mad love! The 24-year-old MC, based in Limerick, Ireland but of Togolese descent, has been building his story-telling abilities and charismatic stage presence for some time. He’s studied his trade.

Along with God Knows and mynameisjOhn, MuRli spent 2014 as part of the Rusangano Family scene, playing support slots to Run The Jewels, Young Fathers, Snoop Dogg and BadBadNotGood as well as headlining dates at festivals all around Ireland, including Body & Soul and Hard Working Class Heroes. In December 2014, the trio dropped the single ‘Grand Job’, which garnered numerous plays on BBC Radio1, while the album that MuRli made two guest appearances on, ‘Rusangano Family’, was listed as the best Irish album of 2014 on and featured in the overall top ten albums of 2014 in the Irish Times.

‘Surface Tension’ is the debut EP from MuRli, seven tracks of wise words and creative story telling. Bursting with character, MuRli is a musician who is comfortable pouring his life experience and unique journey into every track. As an MC, his accented cadence sees him casually switching from rapid-fire rhymes over 170 bpm riddims to heartfelt personal tales of triumph and belief alongside boombap beats. If the words and honesty don’t get you, the voice will.

The EP offers an insight into the battle within the mind of its author and his resistance against the pressures that come with feeling helpless.

With beats by mynameisjOhn and Naïve Ted, and guest vocals from God Knows and Guide, there’s a strong Rusangano spirit to ‘Surface Tension’, with the spotlight on one good human and his wise words. And while the story being told might be one of uncertainty and hardship, its delivered in a form of musical celebration and unity.


God Knows: “One of the hardest working emcees I have ever come across with penmanship that is unmatched”

mynameisjOhn: “Big smile, big heart, great friend, great art.”

Naive Ted : “Soundest Togolese Paddy in the game.”

Sweeney Kovar (Indie Shuffle): "What is a win -- an epic win, even -- is when a foreign artist, or any artist really, can be influenced by sounds and ideas and then create their own context to draw you into. Ireland's MuRli does just that on his Surface Tensions EP. "



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