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M Stevens

Acoustic // Dublin, Dublin

M Stevens is a singer-songwriter and his band is The Ghasts.

As a member of much-loved Irish bands SETTLER, GROOM, LIE INS and SKELOCRATS, Mike has written, recorded and released thirteen records to critical acclaim. As co-founder of celebrated indie collective/label POPICAL ISLAND, he has helped to release nearly forty albums by other folks too.

The Ghasts:
Mark Jordan (Seabeasts, Si Schroeder, Large Mound, Spook of the 13th Lock, The Run Ons)
Hugh McCabe (Large Mound, Spook of the 13th Lock, Desert Aces)
Ciaran Canavan (Land Lovers)
Donagh O'Brien (A Ritual Sea, Sweet Jane)

Mike is also an author who has been published in HyphenPunk, Honest Ulsterman, Andromeda Spaceways and other venues. His writing site is at