West of Ireland, County Sligo

After time in hibernation below surface in Ireland’s capital, Dublin. Moxie have crafted their intricate acoustic Irish music into a fresh Urban Style.
MOXIE are ready to present their genre defining, boundary busting Neo-Irish Music to the world

’Irresistible, revolutionary energy’ – The Irish Times ★★★★★

"MOXIE is the music of a new era, where fluidity, cross-pollination, and innovation are the future and salvation of Irish music." - 
The Irish Examiner ★★★★

5 young lads with traditional backbones deliver a new brand of Irish music heavily influeced by Electro, Jazz, House, and Rock putting them at the forefront of new music from Ireland. Delivering an energetic, wild and unique live show, Moxie have been inspiring audiences and musicians with their new palette of 21st century Irish music. The band includes Cillian Doheny (tenor banjo/guitar/electric guitar), Jos Kelly (button accordion/keyboard), Darren Roche (button accordion/percussion/keyboards), Ted Kelly (tenor banjo/electric tenor guitar) and Josh Sampson (drums)

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Moxie  "What Lies Behind The Wall"