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Rock // Dublin

M-OPUS are Jonathan CASEY (keys, vocals) , Mark GRIST (drums), PJ O'CONNELL (guitar), Colin SULLIVAN (guitar, vocals), a progressive rock band from Dublin, Ireland.

They release albums from an imagined, historical discography. Their 1st album release was "1975 TRIPTYCH" (their '1975' album), followed by "ORIGINS" (their '1978' album). They are currently working on a 1972 and a 1982 album.

Under the stage name Arch STANTON, CASEY had previously been a member of the David CROSS Band (ex-King Crimson). Together with CROSS, they released two albums, “Closer Than Skin” in 2005 and “Alive In The Underworld” in 2008.

Since then, CASEY became a successful composer for orchestras, with performances all over the U.S., China, Australia, Bulgaria, France, the U.K. and on TV and film.

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