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Modern Rome

Alternative // Belfast, Antrim

From the moment they were made to sit together in primary school, singer-songwriters Danny Boyle and Thomas Lowry started to develop a unique musical connection. Their restless creativity led them down some ill-advised paths at first - a psychedelic funk band and a nonsensical rock opera come to mind - but eventually resulted in the formation of their first serious project, Modern Rome, alongside experienced drummer and percussionist Joshua Booth.
Featuring heart-on-sleeve lyrics dealing with mental health struggles, relationships and working life, and a highly dynamic sound bordering on the theatrical, the music of Modern Rome is always emotionally intense. As a result, the band has often been compared to David Bowie, Radiohead, and Northern Irish compatriot Duke Special.
With two well-received singles, a slew of attention-grabbing live performances and radio play on BBC Across the Line under their belt, the band entered the studio in early-2020 to record their six track debut EP - Hidden Spaces - which was released in July 2021.

In 2022, Modern Rome established their regular live-streamed music and arts show - Modern Rome Live - as a means of getting their music, and the creative pursuits of other local artists, to a wider audience. In addition to this, the band started recording their next EP - the first single of which, The Masquerade, was released in April 2022.