Minus Ten Thousand Hours

Dublin, County Dublin

Formed in 2014, Minus Ten Thousand Hours are a Dublin based 3-piece known for their erratic and spontaneous nature; musically and onstage.

While their core sound stems from rock, the band tend to mash all sorts of genres together including punk, alternative, reggae, drum 'n' bass, metal and then some. Their eclectic style is only matched by their ferocious and highly acclaimed live performances, which often resemble "stepping inside a tornado" or a demolition derby by the time its all over. Guaranteed fun for all the family!

With the release of their debut album ‘igtkmbffsikhdd’ Leap Day 2016, they now aim to bring this experience to as many stages as possible - with a promise to exhilarate, amuse and confuse audiences far and wide!

"Mad as a box of frogs" - Simon Hall, Metal 2 The Masses

"There is no tag or genre that can be labelled onto this absolutely fantastic three piece." - PlanetMosh

"A true alternative act with no regard for their own personal health or gear. Go and see this band asap!" - Sonic Circus Ireland

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