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Punk // Dublin

Feminism. Animal welfare. Chipper chips.

“The Dublin post-punk outfit are pushing forward in this fight for justice and deserve to be heard, their message ringing out loud and clear; “Was I asking for it? / No!””- So Young Magazine

"M(h)aol may have only released two songs in five years, but when they are as searing and pertinent as ‘Laundries’, it’s more than enough to leave a vital mark" - The Quietus

"Although this is only their second track, M(h)oal encapsulate more of the authentic, vital radicalism at the core of punk than many post-punk outfits, and they’re fully here to show the posers how it’s done right" - London In Stereo

"This group of brilliant, politically minded musicians are resisting sociocultural labels while creating a new soundtrack for the revolution... What are you doing if you’re not listening to M(h)aol? Put them on your list of must-hear, must-see bands for the present and future" - Louder Than War

"Hopefully, ‘Laundries’ is only the first step in the most unexpected and welcome comeback of 2020. A M(h)aol album in 2021? Now that really would be something to look forward to" - GoldenPlec

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