Portmarnock, County Dublin

MGB have been applying their special brand of rock music in Dublin for the past three years with musical influences such as Bruce Springsteen, Kings Of Leon, U2 and Foo Fighters.
MGB’s debut EP ‘For The One’s We Knew’ due for free download release on the 4th of February.

‘For The One’s We Knew’ is expected to receive critical acclaim.

With a number of music festivals and shows booked in Germany and London in the next three months MGB will be blazing a trial for Irish music.

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Machine Gun Baby have some very big shoes to fill. Any four-piece rock band from the north side of Dublin is going to suffer comparisons to the one with the two-character name. But Machine Gun Baby are ready to meet the challenge.

Formed on the Northside in 2007, Stewart Keegan, Mark Ryan, Shane Ryan and Tony King started writing and playing an audacious brand of melodic rock that is just as suited to arenas and stadiums as it is to the bars and clubs of the indie scene. The boys eschew the lo-fi aesthetic for a louder, clearer sound – It's more Foo Fighters meet Kings of Leon on E Street; and yes – the relatively local influence of U2 comes through too. It's pop, it's soul, but more than anything it's rock at it's purest.

Keegan's raw, powerful vocals bring depth and emotion to the pure biting rock sound that the band and their instruments produce. There's a polish to their music that belies the band's youth (they range from 19 to 22 years old) and is a hallmark of their dedication to their musicianship and their stagecraft. Machine Gun Baby are here to play, and play they shall. From the opening chords, a growling steel-stringe declaration of intent to, well – ROCK, the music doesn't so much beg as demand to be turned up to eleven.

The boys are currently writing and performing with an almost unrivaled intensity – they're getting out there, they're getting heard and with some of the most exciting songs by a new Irish band, it won't be long before songs like 'Yes I'll Wait' and 'This Changes Everything' are on iPods and radios from Clontarf to Connemara. The next time you hear from Machine Gun Baby, you might just be singing along. For Machine Gun Baby it's today the Northside, tomorrow the world.


Gig Review

A pleasure to see live, Machine Gun Baby are the only unsigned band who have managed to grab me by the scruff of the neck and show me that there is still hope left in the world for Irish indie rock music. An extremely talented four piece whose presence and performance immediately takes you inside their world. A world where they are the only band that matters, a world where every other band can take a backseat. We are gonna perform for you and if you don’t like it… We don’t mind. Effortless vocals from lead singer Stewart Keegan who cannot be faulted for his haunting voice - pitch perfect and crystle clear, he delivers the insightful lyrics. Backed by his solid troops who carry the spine of each song as if it was their farewell tour, Machine Gun Baby are ‘the band’ to keep an eye on. Move over Kings of Leon, Coldplay and thank you for stepping down Oasis - this is what the industry has been waiting for.
Brendan Mc Elroy
In Dublin


"They possess a Kings of Leon soul tempo tinge along with an explosion of sounds likely to be heard from the distinctive Foo Fighters. Machine Gun Baby definitely have something special going on and are definitely ones to watch as they bring forth more and more musical gems.”
Louise Coghlan Ceol PR

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