County Dublin

"Much pop music sets itself the task of presenting the world with the brightness turned up. Everything is better, from your social life to your romantic relationships to the community in which you reside. It’s a perfect world where everyone always knows the right thing to say and do. Meljoann, meanwhile, presents your life as you fear it might actually really be, except now it’s a nightmarish R&B musical.

This iteration of her output began two years ago with the single ‘Personal Assistant’ … Now she’s back and doubling down on the seedy workplace vibe with ‘Assfuck The Boss’. It is, she says, an ode to “the Stockholm syndrome of the employed” and sounds like a dark vision of an unchanging future recorded on a degraded VHS tape. The only ray of hope being that the soundtrack she has created for this world is brilliant."

- Andy Malt, Complete Music Update

Described as “Ireland’s most under-rated pop star” (First Thought, Best Thought/POGO), Meljoann has been steadily growing hype in her native Ireland, as well as further afield, for DIY releases put out under her Boy Scout Audio label. First came the Tour Guide EP (2009), followed by the critically acclaimed debut album Squick (2010), described as a “blissed-out and totally futuristic” (State Magazine); “enticing and fascinating” (Irish Times), “brave” (Metro Herald), “ear boggling” (The Sunday Tribune), and rather wonderfully as “sound(ing) like a long-lost soul-pop album from the mid-1990s as remixed by Aphex Twin” (Metro Herald). These releases were followed by the BBC Radio 6 Music supported dance album Masterkinder: Rainbow in my Mind (2014), released under the alias Scout Hardcastle. More recently, she’s released the gently ‘self-leaked’ single ‘Personal Assistant’ (2017), a soft release which nonetheless found itself highly championed by an array of noteworthy journalists in the UK and US as part of The Singles Jukebox panel, followed by the Dummy Mag playlisted single ‘Assfuck the Boss’ (2019).

Meljoann has supported artists such as Ghostpoet, Telepathe and Mu-ziq as well as being a popular fixture on the Dublin dance music scene. Meljoann’s live sets mix songs and dance tracks with disorientating sound design and captivating visual projections.

“She knows her way around a good pop hook to boot...occasionally dystopian, blissed-out and totally futuristic.” – State Magazine

“(Meljoann) miraculously manages to retain a consistent groove and sexiness while also being unpredictable and oblique enough to reward repeat listens…” – Claire Biddles, Singles Jukebox

“An enticing, occasionally fascinating mix-and-match collage of old-school R&B, electronica and wonky hip-hop.” - Jim Carroll, Irish Times

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