Clane, County Kildare

What do you do with 4 drummers?
Make a band!
Mediocre are a 5 piece, what one would call, 'Indie Rap' band. Yes, that's right we play rap music. But it ain't no fo yo sho standard rap musack. No, our originals aren't made in the studio and performed with a backing track. All members play an instrument (if you call bass an instrument) as well as James who raps. So that's how we ended up with what we have now - Indie Rap!

Formed in early 2008 mediocre have been growing ever since. In height and musically. Gigs have begun to come the way of the band and they're hoping 2010 will provide more opportunities to showcase their music. With radio play in Australia being finalised and great feedback on the new E.P, Mediocre are now looking forward to the next few months with great anticipation.

On the more recent songs there has been the introduction of keyboard to make the songs just that little bit sweeter. If you haven't already, we'd love you to have a listen to both tracks on this page.

More recently Mediocre have just finished recording their latest tracks in Hoop Studios Maynooth. The band are very pleased with the tracks and so far all feedback has been good and the songs well received. Here's to many more!

So who are the members?

James Kennedy - Vocals
Craig Lawless - Guitar & Vocals
Daniel McCormack - Bass
Brian O'Connor - Drums and Keys
Ruairi McDonnell - Drums and Keys

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