Me and My Dog

Surf Rock
Bestport, County Mayo

Me and My Dog are a four-piece surf-pop-garage band hailing from Westport, Co. Mayo, but based in Dublin. The band was formed in early 2013, by Luke Healy, later joined by schoolmates; Josh Noone,
Austen Smith and Tim O'Reilly.

Influenced by the back catalogs of The Feelies, Stephen Malkmus, The Clean, The Magnetic Fields and Television, Me and My Dog attempt to create the kind of good vibes and fuzzy pop to soundtrack long drives along coastal roads in search of glorious action packed summer days that invariably just end in cans by the canal.

In March 2013, they self released an EP entitled 'Three Songs About Me and My Dog'. A blend of sweet harmonies, lovely beats and simply great pop songs, the EP was extremely well received. Written by frontman Luke Healy, its an EP which 'curled up close and warmed us up, like good pets do'; as described by This was followed by a single and accompanying video entitled: 'I Get By', described as; 'psyched up pop that sweeps you along'.

In May 2014, the band put out their first physical release "Delphi", a five a side split with Galway's Oh Boland released through Popical Island. (

Me and My Dog are currently trying their best.

Some kind words:

"Imbued with a vibrant melodic aesthetic, Me & My Dog’s infectious take on the indie-pop genre bustles with hook-laden passages and flickering post-modernism" - Stephen White, The Last Mixed Tape

"These infectious surf-pop tracks will get you tapping your foot politely and partying (sensibly) like it’s 1963" - Greg Mangan, Golden Plec

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