Martin Mackie

Dublin, County Dublin

Martin Mackie is a musician and vocalist from Belfast. His debut release in 2012 was The Popgun Plot, a concept album of ten songs about historical characters. It was released on Flaming June Records, the Dublin label that produced beautifully packaged vinyls by Katie Kim, Laura Sheeran, The Undertones, The Lost Brothers, Band of Clouds and Percolator. The Popgun Plot became a critically-acclaimed album, which gained positive reviews from The Sunday Times Culture magazine, The Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror (UK) and Hot Press. Just after its release, Martin was invited onto RTE's Arena radio show to record a session and discuss the songs. The year 2019 sees Martin Mackie returning with another concept record called Temperance Songs, the theme this time is substance abuse. The first single, Magic Potion, which was released on November 5, 2018, features Martin Mackie on vocals and electric guitar, Kate Ellis (The Crash Ensemble) on cello, Conor O'Brien (Villagers) on bass and Eleanor Myler (Percolator) on drums. Another track, Drunk For Fifteen Years (featuring Katie Kim), is streaming on Breaking Tunes. Mackie will release the second single from the album in February 2019.

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