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Martha Greer

Indie // Bangor, Down // she/her

Martha Greer has a knack for capturing snapshots of adolescence, in all their messy glory. Her debut EP is inspired by the ephemera of teenage life: dirty old shoes, sticking plasters, love letters. Her lyrics read like journal entries, each line possessing the kind of candid charm that can’t be manufactured. It’s this authenticity that has allowed her to stand out in a sea of singer-songwriters and garner the attention of tastemakers in the Irish music scene.

There is a subtle joy to be found in the sonic world of Martha Greer, demonstrating her ability to transcend the ‘sad girl indie’ trope. Finding your feet in a saturated industry can be challenging, especially for young women, but she has carved out a space of her own.

With her crystalline voice, maudlin guitar and atmospheric production, Martha paints a picture of grey skies over Bangor marina, dotted with incongruous plastic swans. Dial into her introspective indie-folk-pop and witness the beginning of something special.

Upcoming Gigs

17th April 2024 18:00 In The Dock Folk Club More details
21st April 2024 13:00 Supporting Sarah McQuaid More details

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