Mark Ellison

Dublin, County Dublin

Whether kicking out the jams as an axe wielding frontman in noisy bars or plucking sweet strings as a sensitive accompanist, Mark is a widely experienced and nuanced performer who defies categorisation. Having had classical training on piano and violin, Mark turned his attention to the guitar, inspired by the great blues and rock musicians of the era just before his own. Clapton, Hendrix, Page and Gallagher called out to him, leading him through the roots of Blues and back out again to the avant gard of Rock and Pop. His working life in music began on the streets and in the pubs of Dublin, where he gigged, busked and jammed alongside Glen Hansard, Mic Cristopher and Kila as part of what is now recognised as a musical movement. A onetime regular at the International Singer Songwriter nights hosted by Dave Murphy, he has been involved in modern, popular music for over half his life.
A keen interest in recording has led him to work with a host of interesting talent. A recent Music Production Diploma led him and his class mates to record Hozier - just before he hit the dizzy heights! Previous encounters have included singing class with Sinead O'Connor, a Blues master class with Rory Gallagher, and some live work with Punk queen Hazel O'Connor. Recording credits include Preacher's Son, Bowlegged and Jaime Nanci.

Mark currently plays with Kevin Nolan and Johnny Rayge, and also with Dublin three piece, The Sumtones.

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