Marie Conniffe

Dublin, County Dublin

“All I know and all I’ve been is mine” - Marie Conniffe (“Whiskeytown”, 2012)

Marie spent a long time, maybe a bit too long, playing songs by other artists - she is a fan of Joni Mitchell, in particular, but also of Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Janis Joplin, and Neil Young. Having absorbed from the best, she was eager to find her own voice and experimented with song-writing in her teens and early twenties, but found herself lacking in much to sing about really.

She began to focus on her writing, in earnest, when she arrived in Seoul, South Korea in 2004. Inspired by the people she met in the music scene there, she began to gig regularly and to actually finish songs and perform them in public. She was advised by a friend “The way I see it mate - when you’re writing your own songs, you can’t make any mistakes!”

Marie has lived her life story since then through her song-writing. Her songs incorporate themes of love, adventure, magic, nature, the beauty of human relationships, the sadness that comes from loss, and the power of words.

Marie returned to Korea on three more occasions. She recently returned to Ireland from Busan, in the south of South Korea and is getting ready to spend all of her hard-earned cash on the recording of a new album - yay! She is preparing to launch a crowd-funding campaign so that she can soften the financial blow somewhat :) Watch this space…

(Guess what - I was Marie, the whole time!!)

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