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Marcus Corbett

Folk // FMC, Wicklow Street, Dublin 2, Dublin

Marcus Corbett is a singer, acoustic guitarist and composer based between the UK and Pune, Maharashtra, India. He has been studying Indian classical music and working with musicians in India for over 10 years, and has released a string of albums, including the most recent two, the acclaimed ‘Strung Deep’ and ‘Every Little Spirit’. His works are a generous spirited cultural collaboration that allows his original compositions to come to life while paying homage to the North Indian classical tradition he loves. He has created lasting relationships in India with Tabla players, Nitin Gaikwad & Sharanappa Guttaragi from Pune, Maharashtra and Gadag in North Karnataka respectively, and these are the foundation of the project and performances.

The album ‘Every Little Spirit’ extended the harmonic reach of the music and is an ambitious enterprise as two violins are at work; and as Marcus says “the beautiful challenge in this search is to keep the individual cultural charm, to allow the bell to ring true; and to maintain the power and integrity of the music”.

In May 2018 Marcus and Nitin completed their debut UK tour, taking in venues across the country, including the prestigious Union Chapel, London for Daylight Music, Modern Art Oxford, Port Elliot Literary Festival and Wood Festival. In Europe Marcus and Nitin toured successfully in Germany and Holland, and Marcus has gained press attention from all over the world for his previous releases, his reputation for masterfully combining the worlds of Indian Classical and British folk music will inevitably grow, and his status as one of the great explorers of these musical borderlands will continue to be celebrated.

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