Maija Sofia

Dublin, County Dublin

"A real timeless quality is rare in so much of modern music, but the delicate timbre of Maija Sofia's music is impossible to ascribe to particular moment. She doesn't occupy an easily identifiable space - there are few genres which could accurately pinpoint her sound - and the ease with which she weaves grand tales of mythos into short and delicate folk tunes suggests a true finesse. Her subject matter is seldom trivial - abuse, mythological stories, feminism and loss are considered with a confident serenity. The pinnacle of her work so far came at the beginning of the year in the form of the dreamy Phil Spector-esque 'Flower', easily one of the best new releases of 2018 either at home or abroad. Now embracing a fuller sound, Sofia's work has strengthened with time and experimentation while never losing the ethereal quality which makes it so effective. Fans of Sofia wait with bated breath for the release of her first full-length LP in 2019."
- Andrea Cleary, The Irish Times '50 People to Watch in 2019'

Maija Sofia is a singer and writer from rural Co. Galway but currently lives and works in Dublin. She has performed at numerous festivals across Ireland and the UK including Other Voices, Electric Picnic, HWCH and the London Antifolk festival. She has played support to Joan As Police Woman, Julien Baker, Stella Donnelly, Mutual Benefit, Brigid Mae Power and Adrian Crowley amongst others. She has released an EP and a handful of singles, including most recently last year's 'Flowers' via London imprint Trapped Animal which was named best new music by DIY Magazine. In spring 2018 her unreleased song 'The Wife of Michael Cleary' was covered by Katie Kim and Lankum's Radie Peat for a one off collaborative performance in the Pepper Canister. Her debut album will be released in November 2019 via Trapped Animal records.


'An essential new release to get obsessed with'
- DIY magazine, 2018

A heavenly blend of lo-fi and dream pop. Think Jesus and Mary Chain meets Angel Olsen.
- Hot Press, 2018

Sounding like a meeting of Phil Spector, Scott Walker and PJ Harvey [...] an engrossing multifaceted listen that works on almost every level.
- The Last Mixed Tape, 2018

Dealing with the universal traits of loneliness and anxiety – but lightened by juxtaposition with Sofia’s empirical, fairytale mannerisms – the tracks on the Galway’s musician’s debut solo EP makes for a bewitching, almost voyeuristic listen.With hints and shades of the likes of Mazzy Star and CocoRosie, we’re most certainly smitten.
-The Thin Air, 2015

She looks like a mythological character, and her song deals with a goddess’ tale: meet Galway singer Maija Sofia. Her enigmatic voice is perfect for this folky tune, an ethereal retelling of the Greek tale of a kidnapped goddess trapped in the mythical underworld
-RTE Culture, 2017

Maija Sofia is a great songwriter and there is no way to understand or unearth what this writer is doing with just one listen.
-Global Texan Chronicles, 2016

Fine, gossamer, lo-fi songs
-Nialler9 2016

Maija Sofia isn’t one to let go of her artistic reins — her single “Stains” off her debut EP The Sugar Sea was self-written, recorded and produced and Sofia also took command in directing her music video (…) we look forward to seeing what other universal truths come out of her music in the near future.
-ANON Magazine, 2016

A lo-fi singer-songwriter folk style that draws comparison to one of my favourite Irish acts vocally – Nina Hynes.
-Nialler9 , 2015

Balancing self fulfilled youthful wonderment and old soul whispers, Maija Sofia is sure to prosper with her eclectic whimsies, dark in spaces, otherworldly at others and rooted in alt folk pop. Or “witchery”, as she would say. Her tracks are intelligently fanciful tales, trippy enchantments and enjoyable playful jaunts from a true recessed corners dweller of a story teller.
-Global Texan Chronicles, 2015

Maija Sofiä’s ethereal brand of folk music possesses a fascinating quality, sometimes melancholic, often seeming to come from some dreamy, far-away place.
- A Music Blog, Yea? 2015


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