The City Centre - Dublin 1., County Dublin

Brought up on the Northside of Dublin and currently living in Swords, Mahoney has spent the last 3 years in the studio working on his debut album. Produced in the Cauldron Studios by Ciaran Byrne (U2, Cranberries, Metalica, Steve Earl), and mastered by Dom Torsch (Shania Twains Last Album), Love Child has an original pop sound which is sure to appeal to all. Recent reviews have made comparisons with The Beatles, Jamaraqui and Keane.
Mahoney gigs every weekend as a solo performer in venues where there is no cover charge. When he is out with his band, these gigs are a must see as the indo described them as" probably one of the best gigs this year".
Mahoney has been writing and performing for over 15 years. He has gigged all over Europe in countries including Sweden, Spain and The Canarie Islands. He has two singles being played on the radio stations here in Ireland and at present he is gigging up to 6 nights a week all over the country. Our aim is to get the music out there and the production of the debut album was done with this in mind. We believe that this sound and performing ability is suitable for all. Please feel free to offer opinion and constructive feedback as we only want to improve.

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