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Mackerel The Cat

Other // Dublin

Mackerel the Cat offer you eerie sinister folk songs with a neurotic edge, drawing on an eclectic range of instruments: violin, harmonium, double bass, drums, guitars and piano.

Mackerel the Cat have been very busy since newly recruited members Brian Walsh (drums) and Sharon Courtney (violin) joined the group. Over the last 9 months they have played gigs in Whelans, the Workman's Club and the Grand Social. They have also ventured abroad, thrilling audiences in both Berlin and Paris while supporting the outstanding "Hurdy Gurdy March Hare" on their sell-out tour. The occasionally alliterative Robert Frobischer, writing for the highly esteemed and well circulated publication "Les Temps de Méfait et de la Tromperie", called one of Mackerel the Cat's performances "eclectic, eccentric, brilliant, musically emollient and subversive at the same time, a genuine tour de force... formidable!"

Currently Mackerel the Cat are recording their first EP, which will feature catchy songs that are also highly topical in today's obsessively empiricist, business-fetishizing, and aesthetically-malnourished social landscape. These songs revolve around such lofty and frivolous themes as spiritual depletion, karmaic cannabilism, the life and times of Charlie Chaplin, and great feats of civil engineering gone wrong.

The EP is being recorded with a vast array of instruments including: old transistor radios, harmoniums, violins, cellos, double basses, drums, chimes, piano, guitars of different sizes and colours, bottles filled with shells, bottles containing various volumes of liquid, bottles made of glass, bird noises, whispers, and voices.

The whole shebang is being recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by the bane of every willful musician, the renowned producer and no-nonsense taskmaster Aubrey Bell, who specializes in collecting genuinely original noises and sweet melodic dreams from musicians at the end of their tether.

Mr. Bell assures his adoring public that he will have "extracted the goods" from Mackerel the Cat by September 2011, and the dinky collection will be unveiled sometime thereafter.